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Client Testimonials​​

"Holly, OMG I love what you have done to my face,

I can't thank you enough

another 5 years taken off my face , you really do an amazing job!

Love it............C.F.

Fantastic results with Juvederm and Botox!

Love my lips!! Thank you, Holly!

So happy you opened up in Selkirk.............DL

Holly did such a great job, I'm so pleased with the results.

really appreciate how much time she took during her assessment.

felt like I was in the most knowledgeable and caring hands.

As a fellow nurse, I really appreciate how much experience Holly brings to

her practice. She took the time to discuss everything with me

and my opinion was valued and used to determine my treatment.

I'm very happy with my experience and results.  ............. BB

Her attention to detail means that you can be at ease.

She doesn't make mistakes. The precision of her needle means you will be

in love with your sculptured face. Even better, she's THAT nurse.

The one that can administer a shot without you feeling anything.

That truly blew my mind!

I have been to three highly regarded surgeons in the US for similar treatments.

No one is even relevant in comparison to her work.

I will never trust my face with anyone again.

Even that it means that I will be flying from Arizona to Winnipeg

anytime I need a tune-up!

Potential client, you have no reasons to be nervous

or anxious about your experience.

You will enjoy it thoroughly.

Holly, you are a kind, impressive woman.

Thank you for intentionally creating an environment of

calm, excitement, and trust for your clients. .............LH

"My lips feel great! I've never has such little swelling or soreness.

They look really good too!".........S.S.

"Thank you for your skill and professionalism."........D.D.

"Holly goes beyond & above in her field of making every woman feel like a brand new person. I love her passion, knowledge & expertise and is so evident she loves what she does.

The results I have achieved from Holly are remarkable. I feel she has taken 5 years plus off my face. I highly recommend her to anyone. In my eyes Holly is an angel who dropped from heaven& had the opportunity to see results only I have dreamed of".....................................KL

"Holly is truly an artist .I look like myself only enhanced. I came to Holly to have uneven bumpy lip injections corrected. She took the time explaining to me what she thought should be done. She carefully selected the best product for my lip injections and used the least amount to get ideal result. I recommend Holly to everyone"...................................................S.

"Good morning, just want to give you a hug and big thanks! I feel young again.

L O L .You did an awesome job. You come highly recommended!

Wishing you well!"

"Words cannot express how amazing Holly is!! So professional but makes you feel at ease and it doesn't hurt! She has made me feel and look younger for the last 10 years , and I would recommend her to anyone who is considering botox or fillers. The Best!!

"The whole experience was outstanding. Holly is fantastic, she will explain everything to you and answer any questions that you may have all the while making you feel comfortable and safe!"...........Sue

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