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Botox will last from 3-4 months, depending on which area treated. On occasion and depending on the clients request. The client m​ay require a touch up of botox within 2 weeks to get optimal results.

Fillers ( Juvederm ​) will last from 6 months up to 2 years, depending on the product used for specific areas.


Lasts from 3-4 months per area treated (see some common areas below for specific areas)

$​10.00 per unit

Frown Lines

Lines between eyebrows



In combination with frown lines


Brow Lines


Crows Feet

Lines at sides of eyes

$90 - $200

Peri-oral Lines

Also known as Smokers's Lines 

Lip Flip


Juvederm Products

Depending on which product is selected, price range will vary



1/2 syringe for Lips only


1 Treatment


3 Treatments



1 Treatment with microneedling


3 Treatments with microneedling


1 Treatment under eye 


3 Treatments under eye 


1 Treatment 

Hair Restoration 


3 Treatments


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